Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mothman Pencil Sketch no. 1

 Mothman Pencil sketch no. 1, Regan Lee 2009

This is the original color pencil sketch of Mothman I did. The colors are pretty much the same; a very slight manipulation. The size is just about true as well. I like this one, but the previous manipulated image with the brown tones has more of a mothy vibe, I think.


  1. I see someone else has the Time/Life book collection Mysteries of the Unknown ;)

  2. rpj,

    I think I do have that series, actually, but haven't looked at it in years. Do you mean that my image is a ripoff of something in that series? I must have subconsciously brought that up from the I'll have to go and search through the books to find the image! Be interesting to see. . .

  3. "Do you mean that my image is a ripoff of something in that series?"

    No, but I do feel it's somewhat influenced by one of the illustrations found in the chapter of human abductions. The shape of the eyes and the pencil lines that suggest some sort of cape (like the cape of the Marvel character Dr. Strange) reminded me of that.

    I always thought that Time/Life illustration was very odd, because I have never read testimonies of aliens wearing those kind of garments. It was very beautiful, though. All the illustrations of that collection were top-notch, like this example:

    (This was in the cover of the book dealing with UFOs)

    But don't sweat it: all art is nothing but the recycling of ideas shown in a different light ;)

  4. It's funny, I had pictured the eyes as being round, large and orb like, but when I started drawing, it came out that way. Merging imagery. . .