Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Gralien Report - Art of the Anomalous: Does Interest in the Unexplained Promote Artistic Abilities?

Micah Hanks has an item on his excellent Gralien Report:The Gralien Report Art of the Anomalous: Does Interest in the Unexplained Promote Artistic Abilities?

I think it does. I've been a creative type since a kid, am now a writer and a painter. I've also had UFO and paranormal experiences since childhood. As has my spouse; also a writer and artist. As well as a musician. We both were reading at a very early age; I was reading by the time I was four. (We repeated first grade but that was due, not to academics -- we both were above our classmates in reading, etc. -- but birthdates and "social developmental" blee blahs.) Both reading above our level, and interested in subjects "normal" kids weren't interested in. Like Micah, interest in UFOs and the paranormal were considered by most as "not healthy."Writes Micah:
Indeed, when I was very young, I found that reading came very easily. Even as early as first and second grade, my teachers expressed to my parents that they were very interested in my ability to comprehend reading material that was several grade levels ahead of my peers. While my teachers found this interesting, I think my parents were thankful, since they had obviously worked very hard to facilitate a good understanding of language, mathematics, science, etc. However, even that far back, I can recall today that I was nonetheless preoccupied, at times, with something else my parents had also instilled in me, though perhaps unintentionally: a fervent interest in strange phenomena.

In fact, I had a few early experiences where teachers advised me (and my parents, to be honest) that this interest in things like UFOs was scientifically unfounded, and maybe even unhealthy. Looking back, I attribute these sorts of attitudes to my eventual pursuit of understanding these mysteries more fully, and thus providing the foundation for all the sort of madness that gets featured here at The Gralien Report on a frequent basis. In other words, when I was young, my early attempts at raging against society’s machine didn’t involve wearing trendy clothing, playing loud rock (okay, there was a good bit of loud rock) or stupid things like vandalism and the general behavior of a lot of today’s youth: instead, I decided to show everyone that there was, in fact, merit to studying UFOs, Bigfoot, and Loch Ness Monsters.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Halloween! Bride of Frankenstein

Classic film, with Elsa Lanchester as Frankenstein's monster's bride. The film: 1935, directed by James Whale, who also directed, among other films, The Invisible Man and Frankenstein.

I don't know if the studio or Whale intentionally photographed Lanchester as a Silver Screen Siren -- typical studio pose of the day -- but I'm sure they did:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Season

Halloween is only one day, but for me, it's a season -- the whole month of October. Actually, as I posted on UFO Mary about my Day of the Dead inspired altar, the season -- "witchy," Fall, Halloween, magick, senses, flames and lights, -- begins around the early September and ends in early November.

I love vintage Halloween images, and decided this year to try and post an image a day (though probably won't achieve that) on some of my blogs, with a theme. On UFO Mary: devil themes, on Mothman Flutterings, bats, etc. So here at Alien Art Genre I thought I'd post monsters and other images that won't fit elsewhere.

The image posted here isn't vintage, and it isn't a monster. But it has a Halloween vibe to it. I love this painting; it's by my husband, James (Jim) Rich, painted about ten years ago I think. It's titled Bruja. Right now it's in the studio but I want it in our bedroom... maybe I can convince him to put it up soon. Happy Days of Halloween everyone!

Bruja, James Rich, acrylic on canvas

Thursday, October 6, 2011

UFO Mugs on Mugs: UFOlogistoons

Dennis Rano's artwork, depicting various people in UFO Land, are now on coffee mugs. Get your own of your favorite UFOlogist here:UFOlogistoons

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saucer Head Cartoon

My sweet niece drew me this little cartoon the other day!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Diana Pizzuti in UFO Magazine

Diana Pizzuti's art work is in the current issue of UFO Magazine. Pizzuti is the subject of my column The Orange Orb for this month's issue, complete with images of her paintings.

Be sure to get yourself a copy -- better yet, subscribe :) -- Alfred Lehmberg's art is also featured in this issue.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

OZUFO Kansas, UFO Reykawvik Summit

Alfred Lehmberg in UFO Magazine -- aside from his regular column he writes for the magazine each issue, we are treated to his artwork as well! OZUFO Kansas, UFO Reykawvik Summit

Monday, June 27, 2011

Moon and Concrete

I have a recurring memory-image from childhood: white concrete, the moon, the deep deep blue of night sky, Mt. Hood, feeling the cold of the rear window glass in my grandmother's car at night. They're all related, all connected, but I don't know in what way. Within all that are the memories of my "friends," the small beings that came in the night to float me through doors and walls and out the front of the house and up into the large fir tree in our neighbor's front yard. There, in that tree, I'd wait for "them" to come.

I did go to Mt. Hood when I was very little; younger than the age I was in this memory. And at that young age, we did not live in the house where these memories take place; that came about three years later. Furthermore, the concrete (front yard torn up and replaced with white concrete)  -- that too came later, after we'd lived in the second house for some years. So the memories are all true, but mixed up...

I said I'd been to Mt. Hood when I was very young, that I know because I was told so, but only remember seeing it as were drove away. And it was late at night. Why my grandmother would be driving just the two of us (for it was only herself and I that went up to Oregon at that time) in the Mt. Hood area late at night doesn't make sense... but I have a clear memory of the glass all around, the night sky, the moon, and the looming silent white of Mt. Hood's giant peak.

These memories have been nagging at me, as well as the images, and I was impelled to write this poem, without thinking of anything, just letting it come. The ending surprised me a bit.

Moon and Concrete
a stream of consciousness regression. . .

hard white
harsh, bone
glittering, shimmers
stark light
chalk like
pool of stone, reflecting a heavy Prussian-blue sky -- invisible

round white soft with gray
through windows
bouncing off cold cold snow mountains
at night

pretending sleep in my wool coat
gliding silently through cold snow white blue night light

moon and concrete,waiting, breathing

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Patrick Valenza's Deviant Moon Tarot

Deviant Moon Tarot, Patrick Valenza, artist

I love this deck! Feeling the need to acquire a new deck, I went searching on-line for one I liked. A few spoke to me to varying degrees, but Patrick Valenza's The Deviant Moon Tarot is one I just love. Here's a brief description of the deck from the Aeclectic Tarot site:
It's [Deviant Moon Tarot] inspired by (and incorporates) images of cemetaries and mental asylums, and designed to illuminate deeper parts of the subsconscious. The talented illustrator [Patrick Valenza] is also a tarot student, and the deck is the result of three years of artistic work.
It's a bit odd choosing a deck without being able to handle it first, but I'm going with my intuition on this one. I read a few reviews on Amazon; one related how they appreciate the art very much but it's "too dark" for their personal taste. I can see that, though for me, it doesn't seem that way. Choosing a Tarot or Oracle deck is so very personal. For example, I like the idea of the Mermaid deck, (Tarot of Mermaids) loving mermaids, but found the actual deck rather creepy. As much as I wanted to buy into that deck, I just couldn't. I found it too gloomy and negative for my use.

Monday, March 7, 2011

David Normal

Absolutely fantastic, detailed and beautiful artwork by David Normal. I'd use one of his amazing paintings here but I haven't contacted him so don't have permission. (Yet, hint :) But you can visit his site: David Normal and see for yourself.

Thanks to Lesley at The Debris Field for the link.