Sunday, December 12, 2010

Old Poems and Images

I've been going through some of my poetry and creative writing with the idea of e-zines, or chapbooks, or something, not sure yet where I'm going with this. I noticed that some of theses early poems from the 1980s have recurring images of orbs, night skies, and feelings of disconnection. In re-reading them, I realized many of these were written around the time I saw the orange orb. In fact, this poem refers to an orb, although it's a sliver orb, not orange. The imagery is interesting: moon women, orbs, shadows, and the end, sweet jesus, "capturing my frozen eyes." ?! What was that about? I also noticed that I wrote a lot of these kinds of poems during the late summer and the fall, which is the time frame for our orb sighting. And in going back further, reading poems I wrote while living in L.A., the imagery of orbs and night and planets, etc. were present. As Jim and I know now, we had UFO related, and/or high strangeness events occur when we were living in L.A., before the orange orb sighting. And, of course, going back to our childhoods, independent of each other. Are there clues in these poems, signals from the subconscious? No doubt, lol.

unconnected with moon women

a silver orb waits silently in a

musty corner on a wooden shelf,
hidden by sharp shadows like Chinese meat cleavers poised
on thick pegs above labeled spice jars, corked and racked, 
full of the herbs of mid-wives, now forgotten.

on the windowsill, tart purple grapes, hot and shriveled

grapefruit and pomegranate exposing their soft pink and secret glistening red waiting to be eaten.

unconnected with moon women i wait,

a single artichoke on a a scalloped plate, my tips half chewed, strewn about the cream white edges

the sliver orb shifts forward slightly in the night, and
one sliver gleams bone white 
capturing my frozen eyes.

~ 1982

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Al Jamming on a Peaceful November Sunday...

I love Alfred's music; here's a clip of Alfred playing his gutair, lovely

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poem For the Halloween Season

Recently I've been writing poetry and fiction again, it feels good. I'm not sure where this poem came from or exactly what it's about, but here it is. It has an eerie Halloween supernatural feel to it, so in time for the witching season, and all that's spooky in the night, here it is:

 Blue Lights
unexpected, blue lights appear
in this isolation, and through
the thin cracks in the rough wood,
glowing mists invite, even while repelling

a cold silence makes itself known, waiting
we hear its breathing

dreams, night walking, forgetfulness
only slivers of mists and light beams remain

jarring realities intrude, mundane violences, abrupt commands
we don’t understand, we don’t remember
but sense invisible connections anyhow

we believe there’ll be a reveal in the retelling, no matter
how fragmented

memory has a sentience all its own

~ regan lee, october 2010
[Photograph by Regan Lee]

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Art on C2C

This artist shares his view of a gray which looks a bit reptilian as well, on Coast to Coast.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Low Brow Tarot Deck

Several surreal artists and their interpretations of various Tarot cards; really beautiful and amazing work! Thanks to Boing Boing where you'll find more info and link.

Monday, August 23, 2010

David Huggins and Crescent: Artistic Synchronicities

 Untitled, Regan Lee, oil pastel on paper

UFO researcher Farah Yurdozu was the guest on Coast to Coast last night. Much of the interview concerned her book Love In An Alien Purgatory:     
The Life And Fantastic Art of David Huggins
the story of abductee/contactee and artist David Huggins. One of the gray like beings he had many interactions he called Crescent; an interesting name, I thought.

Huggins described some of the beings, including Crescent, as white, typical gray-like aliens,  but wearing a dark wig. That description startled me. It reminded me of my Geisha Alien dream, where I am sitting in a domed space ship in space, sitting across a large, thin, white alien/woman, wearing a black "geisha style" wig. My friend Lola had an experience with a tall, white woman entity wearing a dark wig -- I wrote about that for my Trickster's Realm column on BoA. (Lola and I have a strong pyschic connection; we've experienced some tineresting things togehter including both of us being aware of "them" -- an alien intelligence/presence -- appearing, though invisibily, in my living room.)

A few weeks ago, she [Lola] called me to tell me she felt a presence in her bedroom. ... There have been times when, even over a long distance, one of us can sense what's going on. In other words, get a psychic confirmation of something. This experience Lola had was bothering her, and she asked me if I had felt anything. I truthfully told her I didn't see anything either way. 
Then there was the time Lola was talking on the phone to a friend, and looked up to see a very, very tall entity just looking at her. Just watching her. Lola had the distinct impression this thing wasn't human -- or ever was, as in, it was once a human, now a ghost -- but was trying to pass itself off as a human. She said it reminded her, in a typically goofy Fortean way, of the characters in the children's series Arthur. Long, long face, her eyes were up high, and her hair was fake looking, like someone pretending they had real hair. She said the eyes were very round, and very dark. I asked Lola about the shape of the eyes; she said that, while large, they were round, but it was the very deep darkness that was so strange. (Random Bits of Weirdness on the Oregon Coast on BoA)

Untitled, Regan Lee, acrylic on canvas

Lola's experience parallels in some ways Huggins descriptions, as well as my Geisha-Alien dream, and the imagery in my drawings.

Another startling thing: when Huggins said he called the being Crescent, I was reminded of an image I keep drawing and painting over and over. The faces in these paintings and drawings are somewhat inverted triangle like, or thinly oval, often white, pale, often featureless, or with very slight, brief features, and, holding a crescent shape. The two images here were ones I could find easily; the others are packed away. One oil pastel drawing I did  of a white faced woman holding a moon boat, or crescent shaped -- whatever, I don't know what it is, I just draw the shape -- I gave to a friend years ago. I have several of these images that I've either drawn or painted somewhere around here...

The drawing shown here I did about twenty years ago, and the painting is in the beginning stages and one I started about a year ago but haven't gotten around to completing.

Huggins is an artist, and an excellent one, from the images I've seen on-line. He said during the interview that he thinks there's an important connection between artists (singers, musicians, writers, painters, etc.) and this whole alien/UFO/abduction/contactee experience. He made it a point to say that he thinks it's an overlooked area of UFO/abduction research. I think there's something to that. . .

A fantastic interview and I'll be ordering Farah's book today.

Related links:
Kay Wilson's review of Farah's book on Alien Jigsaw

David Huggins artwork, and interview with Farah on the Jerry Pippin show

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Douglas Egolf

Artist and paranormal researcher

Douglas Egolf agreed to share this image titled Dark Moon. I hope he'll submit more of his work, I like it very much!

Art Cards on ETSY

 The Ghost Sheep of France, no.1 in series, mixed media on 3x5 card stock

Inspired by Richelle Hawks, who sells her handmade cards and jewelry on ETSY, I thought I'd give it a try as well. I used to sell vintage books on ebay and (including a self-published book on Bigfoot!) I'm finding I have literally hundreds of books in the back room; no organization at all. I'm getting there. So on my Venusian23 shop on Etsy you'll find books and original art cards.

The art card (ACEO) shown is the first in a series. Other series to come:
  • Octopus Confessional Series
  • Episodes From The Journey Of The Orange Orb
  • Haunted Visits
That's what I have planned so far, but I expect to have more soon.

I like Etsy over eBay and amazon because it seems more personal and allows for individual and unique items; a nice place for artists who do their own self-expressive thing and less commercial and chaotic than eBay, etc.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Original Work by Richelle Hawks

WOE contributor Richelle Hawks, aside from being an outstanding writer of esoterica, makes jewelry using vintage beads and other materials. You can find her work on Etsy. 

(Richellealso contributes to Binnall of America, where she has her own column: Medusa's Ladder.)

I told Richelle not only is her jewelry unique and lovely (so many items I want!) but so are her descriptions, which are like little poems.

I stole this image from her Etsy site: The Face on Mars Red Hemp Necklace, shown here.

Richelle also offers original art work, handmade cards, (ACEO or "Art Cards, Editions and Originals")  like this one titled Mercy of the Deceived--Decameron Series, No.2.

Images shown by Richelle Hawks.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mike Clelland

No reason, other than I like Mike's work and feel like promoting him:Little Boing Marks Mike Clelland's art blog.

Monday, July 5, 2010

On Saucer Blast!: "Are Flying Saucers Art?"

Are Flying Saucers Art?

I think so, what would be a good term for that, like steam punk is for that genre --- houses have been built using the UFO flying saucer motif/idea, buildings, furniture, lamps, etc.

Something about the classic round shape of an old fashion flying saucer; discs and domed spheres and all the rest...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dia Sobin; Post-Mac Blues Blog

I was glad to receive an email from artist and writer Dia Sobin, who manages the Mac Tonnies memorial blog (Post-Mac Blues.) She also did the cover to Mac's book THE CRYPTOTERRESTRIALS :  A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us.

Dia sent two images, along with some background:

(one was) conceived for one of my "lost" tales entitled "A Matter of Increments"!... about an alienated woman who happens to find an actual "alien" in a cave in the woods behind her home. His name is Aaron (aaron.jpg) and he originated from the "planet" Araqinta, though it is never really determined if the planet is an actual location in our 3D space-time. Aaron wears a labradorite earring... (in my experience, labradorite is the stone of the "other") (aaron's earring.jpg), which is pictured discarded on a cave ledge and mysteriously reflecting an image of the city of Petra (now considered an official "wonder of the world".  Petra also figured in the story. (don't ask me, I just draw these things). . .

If you haven't visited the Post-Mac Blues blog, please do so, there is a lot of neat and interesting work there.

Hopefully, there'll be more to come!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Love the Yeti

I'm linking to I Love The Yeti because it's a blog with a lot of great artwork. Check it out.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Budd Hopkins on Coast to Coast

Budd Hopkins is the guest on tonight's Coast to Coast, with host George Knapp. Hopkins will discuss his book Art, Life, and UFOs.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Flatwoods Creature by Alfred Lehmberg

I'm assuming that this is Al's interpretation of the Flatwoods creature. I really like it and stole it off his Picassa album. Alfred, let me know if there's a title or story to this. Anyway, here it is:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Alfred Lehmberg: UFO ART

I really like this one! New image from Alfred Lehmberg.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Terrifying Dream Inside a Tent: Mike Clelland

Visit Mike Clelland's hidden experience blog for his post on a recent experience he had, shared with another. Mike's included artwork of the images and experience.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Extraterrestrial Art by Chris France

Thanks to Chris France, an artist, who emailed me these three images recently.  I like the Insectoid one, espeically considering my recent post on my blog The Orange Orb about "grasshopper canyon." I don't know what medium (other than digital)  this is or if Chris has a website; if I find out more I'll post the info here.


INSECTOID #2, 2010


Monday, April 5, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Image of the Owl

In UFO and related, supernatural, esoteric lore, the owl figures in a big way. The owl has been used, ironically, as the symbol for rational explanations to the anomalous by uber-pathological-skeptibunkies, like Joe Nickell. Nickell has concluded not once, but at least three times, that the owl is what witnesses to such strange events had seen. The owl, Nickell has smugly decided, is the solution to the Mothman phenomena, the Flatwoods creature, and the Kelly Hopkinsville entities.

But owls also appear in UFO abduction encounters; Whitley Strieber has written about his experiences with owls and other birds, like ravens, in his books. The owl has become a sub-cultural image of the mysterious, the unexplained, the "dark" side. The television series Twin Peaks was aware of this. As one character said: "The owls are not what they seem."

My Trickster's Realm column for BoA this week is on owls, and Lesley's Gray Matters column is also on owls. We didn't know about each other's topic choice beforehand. And, richelle hawks, also a Binnall of America contributor (and both are contributors to my blog Women of Esoterica) wrote about motif of birds. (Related post: Lesley and Regan on Owl Synchronicity.)

What does this have to do with art? In a round about way; Mike Clelland, of hidden experience, has a deep connection to owls. Mike, whose art has appeared here on Alien Art Genre, posted the following link on WOE about an upcoming movie, which, as he commented:"The owl as mystical bird is gunna find it's way into pop culture - for good or for bad - after THIS movie comes out this fall:

Legends of the Guardians. Usually YouTube lets you embed the clip but it's been disabled for this promo. Check it out; I liked what I saw, but will have to wait for the movie of course. Either way, the images and animation are beautiful. It seems worth seeing just for that. I wish I could post images from the clip but follow the link to see the trailer.

Interesting the owls are guardians, I assume . . . in other lore, owls are, well, "not what they seem."

Alien Eyed Madonna With Child

This image has been around for years. I don't know who the person is that did this, so can't cite the source.  I just realized today that it seems to be only Mary that has the alien eyes.

Monday, March 22, 2010

'Regan's Windcatcher' by Alfred Lehmberg

This isn't alien, but it's related in a round about way. Alfred had some very kind comments to make about my recent Trickster's Realm column on Monster Quest's Flatwoods episode, and he created this piece for me, which I love.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mike Clelland

UFO Mystic gives us: Laughlin and UFO Art with Mike Clelland Tonight, a nice blurb about Mike's blog hidden experience blog, and Mac Tonnie's book The Cryptoterrestrials. Mike has another blog devoted to alien inspired art: Little Boing Marks.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Tim Beckley's reprint of the classic Contactee book Over the Threshold has just been released. I love the cover; very retro! I just love the colorful, vintage vibe. The artwork is by  Carol Ann Rodriguez, who also did the cover for Beckley's first reprint in the Dana Howard series, Up Rainbow Hill.

I like this edition, and I'm not just saying this because I wrote the introduction. This copy includes photos and an interesting article by Sean Casteel on angel hair as well, it's all very nicely presented.  

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mike Clelland: Aliens in the yard. . .

 Mike Clelland from hidden experience has a lot of nice art work of his on his blog that relate to his dreams and experiences. Mike writes about this experience that goes with this image <here.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Our Alfred!"

Image by Dennis Rano.

Alfred Lehmberg, UFO Magazine columnist, artist, musician, blogger, and for some odd reason I've never been able to understand, bane of not a few pompous self-appointed would be UFO Police types, has been added to Dennis Rano's collection of UFOlogists.

Cool beans Alfred!

Alien Ant

 Alien Ant Watercolor, James Rich

(This post and image appeared on my Saucer Sightings blog awhile back, with some very minor alterations, here it is:)

This is a watercolor painting Jim did many years ago, when we were first together. I remember when he painted it. It's a small watercolor on paper; about 18" by 18".

I told him it was an "interesting painting" and that it reminded me of an alien; some kind of alien painting. He said he had no idea what was going on when he painted that; what he was thinking or why he painted it. No recollection of the inspiration or what he was trying to do.

He asked me what I meant by "alien painting" I said, well, it immediately, for some reason, just screamed alien and spaceship at me. I have the impression the ant is female, very large, "alien," and is holding something, some sort of tablet. Jim looked at it and said he saw what I meant. I reminded Jim of all the giant insect alien stories; usually praying mantis type creatures, or giant grasshopper type beings some speak about in connection with UFO encounters. After he looked at it he said it reminded him of a female being as well; probably because of the way it's sitting and the long robe or whatever it is it/she is wearing.

It was at that time, when he painted this, that Jim and I were experiencing a lot of unusual UFO events, including an episode of missing time. I had my "Geisha Woman Alien" dream during that time frame. This painting reminds me of that awful image in my dream, even though there isn't much comparison. (Someday I should try to draw or paint the "Geisha Woman Alien" . . .)

Speaking of alien insectoid beings, in a bit of synchronicity I was listening to George Noory last night on C2C. (By the way, say what you will about him, and I have, he is a goof ball in many ways, but he was defending the medical marijuana use law in California, so good for him) and he and a caller were sharing praying mantis stories. Not in the context of aliens or UFOs however, more mundane than that. And earlier today I read Richard Thomas Room 101 column on Binnall of America, where he writes about Ghosts, Aliens, Yeti and the Late Great Nigel Kneale British "father" of sci fi television and movies. Which inspired me to post something on my blog Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch with this image:

I'm deathly, pathologically afraid of insects. I had some chilling experiences as a child -- I won't go there, far too personal and wrapped up in family dysfunction abuse  horrors -- but at the same time, I don't like to see people just stomp on insects for no reason. (There was also a weird event in Crescent City, California, involving a Japanese beetle, alcoholic abusers though not to me, hmm, a theme here I see, and I kid you not, a real life scene with "Deliverance" type redneck hillbillies, complete with shotguns and a truck full of pitbulls. But I digress.) (And there was another thing with a bumble bee when I was a kid, and my sister as well, I found out years later, that has to do with missing time and high strangeness.)I'll certainly go out of my way to kill bugs in the house, depending on what kind; wasps, etc. Others I take outside. Well, okay, I try to get Jim to take them outside, but the point is, I don't like killing things if I can help it.

Well, that all took a weird turn, I see. As disjointed as all this might seem, one thing stands out: a conflicting relationship with insects. I like some of them, they're pretty, many are harmless, etc. Others I am fearful of to the point of vomiting. People with encounters with giant insectiod alien beings report both terrifying experiences, as well as ones of learning, wisdom and beauty. Why this contrast? Are our mundane encounters a reflection, on a symbolic level, of these experiences?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Regan Lee: Night Visitor

Night Visitor, Regan Lee, acrylic on masonite, approximately 40" x 24"

Earlier today, when I posted this, I wrote that the image was over exposed a bit. Thanks to Insteller Housewife, who tweaked the above image, it looks better and closer to the actual image. (The original is below.)

As I wrote on my blog Saucer Sightings, this painting represents something that, while not exactly literally encountered, was encountered on some level nontheless:

This is a painting I did several years ago. At that time, I was trying to paint images of beings/visitors from my childhood. The ones I tried to do of the "aliens" that floated me out the door always ended up like stick figures, with inverted triangle/oval outlines for the face, but no features. I realized the other day I've made many paintings and drawings of figures, usually female forms, with these inverted triangle/oval faces, always featureless. I seem to place them alone in a room by a window revealing a night sky.

The painting shown here is a little underexposed, but it's the only image I have right now; the painting is big and heavy (painted on a large thick piece of Masonite) and packed away somewhere. At the time, I just started painting it; I remember feeling compelled and it just all came out very quickly; this large "Night Visitor" and at the time, the full title was "Night Visitor on Sherbourne Street" (even though the name was actually Sherbourne Drive but I thought Street sounded better.) That was the house I lived in in Los Angeles between the ages of six to about fourteen, and the house where the fuzzy puppet wolves and beings that floated me out the door came.

As to this being in the painting, I never saw anything like this, but I remember the feeling. . . it's as if the image came up from my subconscious in a very vivid and strong way and represents something that has a connection to all this.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An OOBE Painting

Leaving Her Body, James Rich, acrylic

James Rich: Sentinels

Sentinals, James Rich   acrylic

This is an old painting of Jim's, painted in the late 1980s. The painting reminds me of the Contactees and their meetings with friendly, wise and good looking Venusians and their space ships. Indeed, Jim has agreed to my using this painting to accompany an upcoming article on that very subject! The objects (beings?) in the painting don't look like Space Brothers or Contactees, but it reminds of that time in UFO history nonetheless.

Alfred Lehmberg: Hyper 174

Hyper 174, by Alfred Lehmberg

Monday, January 4, 2010

The First Nano-Second

The First Nano-Second, James Rich, 40" x 30",  acrylic

In person, this pointillism (yes, it's all dots!) is a very trippy version of the Big Bang.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Diana Pizzuti

Artwork by Diana Pizzuti

Diana Pizzuti is a California artist who paints images of UFO encounters; hers, family members, friends. The above painting was inspired by her mother's encounter on a California highway in the 1940s.

Diana will be sending more of her work our way soon.

My column for Tim Binnall's site, Trickster's Realm, will be up sometime tomorrow. It's about some of the pre-1950s encounters of Contactees; I give Diana a brief mention, and included the above painting.

Alfred Lehmberg

I love this image from Alfred Lehmberg; I don't know the story behind it but it gives me a feeling of peace and assurance, as well as exploration and discovery.

Mothman Pencil Sketch no. 1

 Mothman Pencil sketch no. 1, Regan Lee 2009

This is the original color pencil sketch of Mothman I did. The colors are pretty much the same; a very slight manipulation. The size is just about true as well. I like this one, but the previous manipulated image with the brown tones has more of a mothy vibe, I think.


Mothman pencil sketch no. 2,  by Regan Lee 2009

 A few weeks ago I had the urge to do some Mothman images. This is a slightly cropped pencil sketch I did. The origininal sketch was in greens and blues; it came out lighter than I had wanted, so I manipulated the image on my computer.