Monday, August 23, 2010

David Huggins and Crescent: Artistic Synchronicities

 Untitled, Regan Lee, oil pastel on paper

UFO researcher Farah Yurdozu was the guest on Coast to Coast last night. Much of the interview concerned her book Love In An Alien Purgatory:     
The Life And Fantastic Art of David Huggins
the story of abductee/contactee and artist David Huggins. One of the gray like beings he had many interactions he called Crescent; an interesting name, I thought.

Huggins described some of the beings, including Crescent, as white, typical gray-like aliens,  but wearing a dark wig. That description startled me. It reminded me of my Geisha Alien dream, where I am sitting in a domed space ship in space, sitting across a large, thin, white alien/woman, wearing a black "geisha style" wig. My friend Lola had an experience with a tall, white woman entity wearing a dark wig -- I wrote about that for my Trickster's Realm column on BoA. (Lola and I have a strong pyschic connection; we've experienced some tineresting things togehter including both of us being aware of "them" -- an alien intelligence/presence -- appearing, though invisibily, in my living room.)

A few weeks ago, she [Lola] called me to tell me she felt a presence in her bedroom. ... There have been times when, even over a long distance, one of us can sense what's going on. In other words, get a psychic confirmation of something. This experience Lola had was bothering her, and she asked me if I had felt anything. I truthfully told her I didn't see anything either way. 
Then there was the time Lola was talking on the phone to a friend, and looked up to see a very, very tall entity just looking at her. Just watching her. Lola had the distinct impression this thing wasn't human -- or ever was, as in, it was once a human, now a ghost -- but was trying to pass itself off as a human. She said it reminded her, in a typically goofy Fortean way, of the characters in the children's series Arthur. Long, long face, her eyes were up high, and her hair was fake looking, like someone pretending they had real hair. She said the eyes were very round, and very dark. I asked Lola about the shape of the eyes; she said that, while large, they were round, but it was the very deep darkness that was so strange. (Random Bits of Weirdness on the Oregon Coast on BoA)

Untitled, Regan Lee, acrylic on canvas

Lola's experience parallels in some ways Huggins descriptions, as well as my Geisha-Alien dream, and the imagery in my drawings.

Another startling thing: when Huggins said he called the being Crescent, I was reminded of an image I keep drawing and painting over and over. The faces in these paintings and drawings are somewhat inverted triangle like, or thinly oval, often white, pale, often featureless, or with very slight, brief features, and, holding a crescent shape. The two images here were ones I could find easily; the others are packed away. One oil pastel drawing I did  of a white faced woman holding a moon boat, or crescent shaped -- whatever, I don't know what it is, I just draw the shape -- I gave to a friend years ago. I have several of these images that I've either drawn or painted somewhere around here...

The drawing shown here I did about twenty years ago, and the painting is in the beginning stages and one I started about a year ago but haven't gotten around to completing.

Huggins is an artist, and an excellent one, from the images I've seen on-line. He said during the interview that he thinks there's an important connection between artists (singers, musicians, writers, painters, etc.) and this whole alien/UFO/abduction/contactee experience. He made it a point to say that he thinks it's an overlooked area of UFO/abduction research. I think there's something to that. . .

A fantastic interview and I'll be ordering Farah's book today.

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