Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Season

Halloween is only one day, but for me, it's a season -- the whole month of October. Actually, as I posted on UFO Mary about my Day of the Dead inspired altar, the season -- "witchy," Fall, Halloween, magick, senses, flames and lights, -- begins around the early September and ends in early November.

I love vintage Halloween images, and decided this year to try and post an image a day (though probably won't achieve that) on some of my blogs, with a theme. On UFO Mary: devil themes, on Mothman Flutterings, bats, etc. So here at Alien Art Genre I thought I'd post monsters and other images that won't fit elsewhere.

The image posted here isn't vintage, and it isn't a monster. But it has a Halloween vibe to it. I love this painting; it's by my husband, James (Jim) Rich, painted about ten years ago I think. It's titled Bruja. Right now it's in the studio but I want it in our bedroom... maybe I can convince him to put it up soon. Happy Days of Halloween everyone!

Bruja, James Rich, acrylic on canvas

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