Wednesday, January 6, 2010

James Rich: Sentinels

Sentinals, James Rich   acrylic

This is an old painting of Jim's, painted in the late 1980s. The painting reminds me of the Contactees and their meetings with friendly, wise and good looking Venusians and their space ships. Indeed, Jim has agreed to my using this painting to accompany an upcoming article on that very subject! The objects (beings?) in the painting don't look like Space Brothers or Contactees, but it reminds of that time in UFO history nonetheless.


  1. i can totally see what you mean by the friendly presence of celestial beings in this painting. Instead of scary or demonic, they look peaceful and comforting.

  2. Instead of Venusians, the first association I came up with were the "non-organic" entities Carlos Castañeda wrote about.