Monday, January 21, 2013

More on Iggy

Here's a bit more info on Iggy's art (see post below) who describing as "writer, photographer, artist, voice actor, Fortean savant web design and development, video editing..."

Find more at High Strangeness Art.

Green Man, by Iggy

Green Man

The Green Man is of course an illusion, but when viewed from the right angle at the right distance from the Green Anomaly nebula in the Fourth Quadrant's White Zone, well, it really does look like a little green guy is standing there. Can't make it to the area? Here you go. Enjoy.
Secret Society, by Iggy

Secret Society

Wear the mark of your own Mysterious Society and enjoy the strange and wary thoughts and glances it creates in those around you. Only you will know...the truth.

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