Saturday, February 11, 2012

Max Ernst Inspired Paintings - James Rich

Related to the post below about Christopher Knowles and Mike Clelland's bloggings about the surrealist painter Max Ernst, I thought I'd share a few of Jim's paintings. Ernst, as I commented in the previous post has been an inspiration for him. Jim often paints in a surrealist style, he's also played around with collages and paint as a medium. Many of his surreal and abstract paintings have a "galactic" theme -- referencing space, nature...

This painting reminds me of an Ernst influence, which Jim freely acknowledges. This is an acrylic on canvas board. Neither one of us remembers the title -- the original is packed away in the dark regions of the studio outside -- but we both think the title had Atlantis in it. If it didn't, it should have! So for now it's titled "Ruins of Atlantis."
James Rich, Ruins of Atlantis, 1980?, acrylic on canvas board

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  1. I like it. Looks like it could be one of Cthulhu's haunts!