Tuesday, February 18, 2014

like lotus leaves

A Landscape All Her Own, James Rich, acrylic on canvas

like lotus leaves

where is the dreamtime, i mean
what space
where is the marker
to let us know if we know
were, are, or will be

where are the parts
we don't remember

the silver cord, now snapped back
releases these dreamscapes
like lotus leaves
on green water

~ regan lee
eugene, oregon
feb 2014

Edward Friar: Witchcraft

I like this poem by my friend Edward, who graciously allowed me to post it here at Alien Art Genre. I like the rhythm of this poem, as well as the imagery and language. Well done Edward! I hope he has more, would love to share them here.

Witchcraft by Edward Friar

The word conjures visions of cauldrons and brooms, 
Demons and dooms,
Crotchety old women in cluttery rooms.
Black hats.
Black cats.
Black cloaks, black Sabbats and creepy black bats.
Spiders and cobwebs.
Covens and candles.
Dastardly deeds and deals with the Debbil.
Fate and familiars,
Flying on besoms,
Athames, wands, and secretive lessons.
Magic and spells,
Tinkling of bells,
The casting of circles in fae haunted dells.
Dark as the night,
Witches take flight,
Reveling in power and magical might.